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 ENTRACK EDI software for IBM Power system (including AS/400, iSeries, and System i) and Windows operating systems.


ENTRACK's GUI/400 product consists of a true Microsoft™ GUI interface, utilizing point and click, drag and drop technology to the IBM Power Systems (including AS/400, iSeries, and System i)
  • All files reside on the iSeries and all processing occurs on the iSeries. 
  • ENTRACK GUI/400 provides a robust  and extremely flexible mapping system.  
  • The application system allows mapping with up to 10 hierarchical levels and up to 30 files.  It also performs date conversions automatically.  
  • ENTRACK allows the ability to edit raw EDI data and requeue data at transaction level. 
  • EDI data can be sorted by Trading Partner, Date, or Document level. 
  • Communication data reporting are automated into Excel spread sheets. 
  • The mapping tool is simple to use yet provides capability for complex functionality.  It allows calculations, concatenation, and conditioning with any segment within the transaction.  It even allows the ability to map part of an element or database field.  
  • Capability to use external tables when mapping.
  • Performs FTP communications using SSL and SSH.  Also supports AS2 and PGP. 
  • To download a Powerpoint demonstration, click on the link: ENTRACK (1.6 Meg). 
  • To download ENTRACK's detailed documentation, click on the link:  entrack7.0.pdf
  • ENTRACK sells for one low price for ANY AS/400-iSeries400 Model or Processor.  

Requirements:  ENTRACK GUI/400 requires OS/400 operating system V4R5 or higher with TCP/IP installed and configured.

The following PTFs are required for OS/400 V5R3 and V5R4.
























FTP using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) requires OS/400 V5R2 or higher. FTP with SSH (Secure Shell) requires OS/400 V5R3 or higher.

ENTRACK GUI/400 7.0 requires client PC's to use WIN/Vista, WIN/7, or WIN/8 using  PRO, Enterprize, Ultimate, or Business edition.  Does not support home edition.  

ENTRACK GUI/400 6.5 requires client PC's to use  WIN/2000, WIN/2003, WIN/XP Professional, WIN/NT, Vista PRO, or Windows 7 Pro operating systems.



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